Seacolt has solutions for specific tasks, industries and technologies.

Document Management

We offer a full featured and powerful document and information management system that is both cost effective and easy to use. The software can be licensed (run in your facility) or hosted on our servers as SaaS (Software as a Service).

document scanning & indexing

Our products offer easy to use interface that enable the end user to effectively do their job of getting the paper into an electronic format, capturing all correspondence, maintaining mission critical documents (like Microsoft Word and Excel), and then make it all searchable and easy to retrieve. The true measure of a good product isn't just how well it performs, but also how well the end users find it as a tool to perform their daily tasks. Ask us for more details.

continuity planning

Our products and services are critical to your Business Continuity Planning. See how our solutions help you stay in business even after a disaster. Ask us for more details.

remote offices and home offices

Better manage and communicate with your distributed and remote offices using our solutions. All of our solutions work across the web without the need for expensive VPN's or Frame Relay's and all of the information is encrypted at transfer time. Ask us for more details.

records storage

Are you looking to archive months to years worth of data and have it readily accessible? Ask us for more details.

sox compliance

Our products assist in establishing and preserving business standards set forth by the Sarbanes-Oxley act signed into law in 2002. These products help to maintain compliance in financial disclosures and provide the securities commission with comprehensive records.

data warehouse

Our parntership with BMMSoft Inc. allows us to offer a powerfull data warehouse packaged with our AccuScan scanning solution. Adding a data warehouse provides you with a central repository for your organization's data. This unified view of your information allows for better analysis, reporting and tracking. Some benefits of a data warehouse:

  • Common data model regardless of data source
  • Allows identification and resolution of data inconsistancies
  • Archival of data even after it has been purged from source system.
  • Does not impact operational systems.
  • Can work in conjunction with existing systems
  • Adds descision support such as trend analysis and analytics/li>

electronic discovery

Electronic Discovery or "e-discovery" allows the records within Infusion to be shared in an unaltered state providing support to anyone seeking to search and provide invaluable information without having to question its validity.

data backup

Are you looking to archive months to years worth of data and have it readily accessible? Ask us for more details. Hosting your own Infusion system? Need additional storage or offsite backups? We can provide redundant "live system" and backup services at our LEVEL 4 datacenter. Ask us for more details.

content management

Looking to store more than just scanned documents? How about Microsoft Word documents or Adobe PDF's or even emails? Infusion has got you covered! Infusion can store any file in an electronic format and retrieve it for viewing at anytime or anywhere.