Web based document management system.


Your information only brings you value when it's readily available and usable by the right people. infusion helps companies make their enterprise information work harder, by bringing them closer to their clients and automating operations. With infusion you'll be able to access, review vital information, and deliver that information with maximum efficiency and accomplish things you never thought possible.

Companies in the private and public sectors rely on infusion to add measurable value to information and document management, workflow automation, data warehousing, information navigation and efficient retrieval

So whether you're seeking to enhance customer service operations, eliminate costly paper-based processes, improve internal, and, or external communications or streamline productivity enterprise wide, turn to Seacolt for all your information management needs.

Key Features

  • Enterprise Class web based information management
  • Fully Scalable from 5 to 1,000's of users
  • Fuzzy text searching
  • Zonal OCR for automated indexing operations
  • Capture documents from central copier
  • Capture any electronic file into the system


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Web based

Infusion is a secure, scalable, web-based, enterprise-class information management system capable of storing any file or document and is accessible from any standard web browser.


Infusion combines the latest of Microsoft's .NET technology along with information management, electronic document management, storage, instant retrieval, and it can be easily customized to meet any organization's needs or requirements.