Seacolt Corporation is a privately held Florida corporation.

Our Focus

We focus on innovative, easy to use information technology solutions that leverage the latest tools, technologies and methods.

Our products and services provide our clients with quality cost effictive ways to solve real world problems without the distractions and hassles typically found in other IT solutions.

Our Direction

Every 5-10 yrs there is a significant shift in technology. We believe that a new wave of technologies and methods are on the rise and we intend to leverage these to our clients benefit

"Software as a Service" (SaaS) and "Cloud Computing" are examples of these new technolgies. Though more and more businesses are seeing the benefits of these kinds of solutions not all our clients desire them. The advantage of focusing on these technologies is that they do not exclude traditional "packaged" software and allows us to offer both.

Data Center

Seacolt uses a SAS70 Type II audited tier 3 data center. All servers are located in in a "bunker" style, secure, high availability data center.


Though we are not actively seeking to fill positions at this time we are always on the lookout for talented bright people to join our team.